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Undercover Gone Rogue?

On March 31, 2009,
the media division of the Somali jihadist group Shabab Al-Mujahideen released a 31-minute video featuring "Abu Mansoor Al-Amriki," an American commander in the Al-Qaeda-linked group.

Abu Mansour has been shown before among the Somali jihadis,
but this is the first time that his face has been left uncovered.
Abu Mansoor showing his face is causing quite a disturbance in the Special Operations community.

Abu Mansoor al-Amriki is allegedly a former United States (US) Special Forces trainer who went to Bosnia in the early 1990s, and then supposedly fought and trained in Caucasia.

While no US soldiers "officially" fought in the Bosnian war,
about a dozen Muslim ex-US Special Forces soldiers fought in Bosnia and trained al-Qaeda and other mujahideen forces there around 1993.

At the time, the US military and Saudi government apparently had an interest in sending Muslim ex-Special Forces there.

Now he turns up in Somalia as a commander with the Shabaab.
It would appear that this is a deep cover agent who has become emotionally attached to the cause he was infiltrating.

Unlike Adam Yahiye Gadahn (Azzām al-Amrīki),
you will not find Abu Mansoor Al-Amriki on the "Most Wanted Terrorists" list.
Revealing his true identity would unravel the carefully crafted world of covert operations.

It’s starting to make the Intelligence agencies realize the danger,
of having deep cover operatives penetrate the global Jihadist community if they go rogue.

Abu Mansoor Al-Amriki's beliefs are classic Sunni Salfist of the
Qutbist variety, exactly the same bullshit as Osama Bin Laden, whom he is clearly trying to emulate
What follows is most of a statement from Abu Mansoor al-Amriki:

I saw it very important in these recent days to clarify some facts that might
be unknown to many. In specific I am referring to that which relates to the
Islaamic Courts and the Shabaab.

It is well-know amongst the practicing Muslims of Somalia that these two groups
have a long history and they are not from the new groups that have come on the
scene. Rather, the founding officers of the Shabaab go back to the fall of Siad
Barre and the first battles with the Americans.

However, more important than establishing their presence from a long time is
establishing the large and essential difference between the two groups from the
very beginning.

While the Courts used to judge over each individual tribe, the Shabaab were made
up of many different tribes and they used to cooperate with the Muhaajireen from
the outside.

Also, while the Courts had a goal limited to the boundaries placed by the
Taaghoot, the Shabaab had a global goal including the establishment of the
Islaamic Khilaafah in all parts of the world.

This difference did not go away in the days of victory nor has it gone away even
up until today. But rather it has grown larger and clearer to everyone;
including the stupid Kuffaar.

As for the days of victory, then it is known that the picture presented to the
world was the “moderate” picture of the Courts (as they describe them) and they
strived in that period to control the financial sources, the direction of the
Jihaad, and the foreign affairs.

Despite these facts even the Kuffaar could see something else behind the scenes.

They publicized that there is an “extremist” group (according to their
description) lurking within the government of the Courts. They were right on
about most of this except for mistakenly believing that the leader of this
extremist group was Hasan Thaahir Uways.

Therefore, more deservingly, the Shabaab also knew about this reality and they
used to encounter many difficulties because of the policies of the Courts.

Similar to them were the Muhaahijreen who were welcomed at the airport by the
Islaamic Courts with terrible statements like: “We don’t need the Muhaajireen,”
and they tried to send them back; if it were not for a few of the Shabaab (like
Shaykh Fu’aad and Abu Talhah as-Sudaani) who saved many of these Muhaajireen at
the airport and tended to their affairs.

The situation remained like this until the defeat befell and some of the best of
the Shabaab became shuhadaa’.

So due to that, many of these realities became hidden to the new fighters who
had witnessed the unity in the early days (which was for the purpose of
combining the strength of each group, to avoid fitnah in accordance with
(Cooperate upon righteousness and piety and do not cooperate upon sin and
transgression)), and in order to judge by what Allaah revealed, as all groups
claimed to want) but they did not witness the hidden reality that was lived by those who preceded them on this path.

Therefore, this matter was in need of clarification, without a doubt, but we did
not realize the seriousness of this need until after the conferences in Asmara.

These conferences invoked doubt within us for several reasons:

The first : is that Eritrea has not ceased opposing the Mujaahideen in their
land. So how could they want to help the Mujaahideen in the neighboring lands?
There is no doubt that they are not looking out for what is in our best interest
or what is in the best interests of the Jihaad.

The second : is that Eritrea rooted out the Mujaahideen in their land due to a
very despicable trick on behalf of the Sudanese government. Namely, they opened
the door of politics in order for them to forget armed resistance which is the
true solution to the problems of the Ummah today.

So here we have the members of the Courts in the lands of the Kuffaar,
underneath their control, sitting in the road of politics which leads to the
loss and defeat they were running from.

The third : is that they chose a nationalistic look for these conferences. The
very name of their party indicates that this issue is strictly Somali, leaving
no room for interference from foreigners (as they call the Muhaajireen) unless
the interference comes from John, or Tom, or George! In that case such
interference is allowed!

So, while they deny the presence of Muhaajireen in Somalia (despite the fact
that I was seen on al-Jazeerah in a Somali training camp under the name of the
Courts before realizing that the Manhaj had become extremely distorted)
and while they say that they are not in any need of foreigners, their actions
indicate that they ARE in need of the apostates from ‘Abdullaah Yusuf’s
parliament and the original Kuffaar of Eritrea. Subhaan Allaah! How have the
scales of allegiance and enmity been flipped!

The fourth : is that they tried to steal the efforts of the Shabaab by claiming
that they are in control of the direction of the Jihaad and the events taking
place on the ground from their hotels.All of these affairs would have lead- if
not for the proclamation of innocence from these conferences on behalf of the
Shabaab- to many problems:

The first is a lack of clarity of the issue for the Muslims on the outside (even
for those on the inside as we have seen from some of the fighters) who might aid
us with self, wealth, or supplication.

The second is a lack of a clear example to guide the Mujaahideen in the future.
We see that despite the fact that the Ikhwaan had a good example in Sayyid Qutub
and al-Mawdoodi –who both refused to accept entering into the kaafir governments
as a solution- it seems that there is no other solution for the problems of the
Ummah, according to those who ascribe themselves to the Ikhwaan today, except
for the ballot box!

So how would it have been if their beginning was characterized by their
exemplary figure compromising his principles and having an unclear manhaj?

The third is that this matter will be unclear to the populace after coming to
power. If the Shabaab differ with the Courts after obtaining victory, the people
will see the Shabaab like the Khawaarij, or Jamaa’ah at-Takfeer, or benefit
seekers (similar to how they said that the Courts are just one tribe and they
didn’t really want to establish Shari’ah in the days of victory). This will lead
to many tribulations and a loss of previous gains.

The fourth is a lack of ability to control the direction of the Jihaad because
the wealth and media is in their hands.

Therefore, due to this huge danger the Shabaab- may Allaah reward them-
announced that they are free of these conferences.

At the same time the Muhaajireen (who came to Somalia after the capture of
Mogadishu in stages) also felt the need to do this. In due course the
Muhaajireen wrote a word of advice to some of those in charge of the Courts
regarding these matters.

Then, after learning that they will continue upon this dangerous path, the
Muhaajireen declared their innocence from the Courts alongside their brothers
from the Shabaab.

Here now is their announcement that they are free of the deviant leadership of
the Courts before all of the Muslims.

This is in regards to what we have seen of the Courts. As for the Manhaj of the
Shabaab then we see that they are focused upon the pure manhaj which is adopted
by the Mujaahideen in the rest of the blessed lands of Jihaad.

It is the same manhaj repeatedly heard from the mouth of the mujaahid shaykh
Usaamah bin Laden. It is the same manhaj heard in the addresses of the lion, the
genius, the doctor Ayman ath-Thawaahiri and the one heard in the advices of the
shaheed (in shaa’ Allaah), the hero, Abu Mus’ab az-Zarqaawi .The list of the
heroes of this time goes on.

We stress here that we are striving to establish the Islaamic Khilaafah from
East to West after removing the occupier and killing the apostates.

We will do this while holding on to the Book and the Sunnah, upon the manhaj of
the salaf, with the mus-haf in one hand and the sword in the other, beneath the
black banner.

We do not care about the blame of the blamers or the threats of scarce provision
and we do not need doubtful finances....

...Here is an important point that must be made. Indeed this point is that it is
befitting to cooperate with any group from the Muslims (as long as they are
truly Muslims) whether the group is the Courts or otherwise.

This must, of course, be in accordance with the guidelines of the correct manhaj.

Finally, before closing this address of mine I would like to mention that there
has not ceased to be sincere people amongst the Islaamic Courts. I see them to
be sincere, but Allaah is the One who will truly bring them to account.

Therefore, these words do not mean that all of them want to destroy the religion
and betray the Somali Jihaad.

However, sometimes unmindful people require a harsh reminder to wake them from
their deep sleep......

Abu Mansoor al-Amriki

It’s starting to make many people realize that the tentacles of the global
Islamic jihad have reached out to Muslim Americans,
especially the Somalian Community.

Approximately half of the video is taken up by Abu Mansour;
the majority of the time he speaks in English, but he gives a short talk in
passable Arabic as well.

The soundtrack to the video includes jihad anthems and raps in American-accented English,
presumably performed by Abu Mansour.
At the end of the video, another English-speaking jihadist,
who is not identified, calls on foreign youth to join the jihad in Somalia.

Some are concerned with al-Shabab’s use of rapping to appeal to foreign youths.
There are 2 raps in al-Shabab’s video.
One is entitled “blow-by-blow” and another is entitled, “Hum Hum” ,
to signify the use of Hummer vehicle by American troops.

These raps had already appeared on the al-Firdaws English Forum about a year ago.
Their use is nothing special about there use.

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