Thursday, April 2, 2009

RUMORS - High Priority Targets

We were recently e-mailed what is labeled a "Sensitive Activity Report".
The Connecticut Survivalist Alliance Intelligence Unit (CSAIU),
cannot vouch for the authenticity of this report as the individual who
sent it to us is unknown to our organization.

Without divulging the programs name, we will say that it labels High Priority Targets as:

Individuals, with an audience, that call for destruction or threatening of the government (i.e. -"Call to Arms")

Individuals who shape public opinion that is rationally anti-government in
nature and whose opinions have a demonstrated effect on an audience.

Individuals that have authored fiction, in which the protagonists have attacked
government officials/agents and these fictions have received definite praise and
recognition in certain groups.

Individuals that provide financing, leadership, media or specialized expertise
to groups having anti-government beliefs.

Groups that have demonstrated anti-government beliefs and have the capacity and
resources to carry them out.

Groups that provide or maintain, a leadership role, media services, financing or
specialized expertise.

Groups designated by a federal Law Enforcement agency as being Domestic

Groups and personalities that are iconic to certain groups.

Supposedly this report was written by a private Intelligence Collective.
We have a hard time accepting that fact as the file was in plain text ASCII with
obvious grammar and punctuation errors.
These could have been done by someone copying the text word for word from an
original, but since it's plain text ASCII it throws up a caution flag immediately.

After reviewing the document and searching for supporting evidence,
it is the CSAIU's opinion that this is a forgery and possibly cleverly worded
disinformation designed to scare those in the Patriot, Militia and Survivalist communities.

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