Sunday, April 12, 2009

Propaganda Ministry at it Again

In a rather benign news story,
a hobbyist searching for valuables with a metal detector was surprised to
find five handguns buried in a rural section of Lee, Massachusetts.

Police are holding off on any forensic analysis of the guns because they are
suspected to have been buried 20 to 30 years ago.

The were only buried in a plastic bag in a town park along Golden Hill Road.
The area where the weapons were found was badly overgrown,
and the plastic bag and handguns were badly decayed with the barrel of one of
the handguns being rusted off.

The handguns were said to be three identical High Standard .22-caliber "Double Nine" revolvers with imitation ivory grips.
The other two were Smith & Wesson revolvers: one .45-caliber and one

The New York Post latched onto this story and instantly identified it as a "Survivalist" cache.
Once again the mainstream media shows its deliberate campaign to demonize Survivalists.
Instead of accurately reporting the news, they must sensationalize the story and
inaccurately attribute it to those evil "Survivalists".

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