Wednesday, April 1, 2009

G20 On the Ground Report 1

Outside Bank of England

The mainstream media is definitely portraying ALL G20 protestors as disaffected crazies.
Even though we disagree with many of the groups philosophies and agendas, we can still respect their peaceful actions.

As we reported in our earlier posting , demonstrations by legitimate groups were completely peaceful and had a carnival or festival type of atmosphere.

At the Climate Camp-In they have toilets, a kitchen and a medic space.

For those that can tolerate that type of cuisine, the kitchen has hot vegan food.

A farmers' market with lots of local produce and the vegan favorite, Hampstead heath honey is also setup.

The demonstration at the Bank of England was peaceful,
but it would appear that a staged "photo op" riot was perpetrated at the Royal Bank of Scotland.
A window was smashed for the cameras.

In mainstream media coverage,
one particular protestor is always front and center with blood running down his head.
This is FAKE blood of the gag shop variety and as rumors go he is a government employee.

Other stories barely covered by the mainstream media is the use of chemical weapons by police in full riot gear including balaclavas, and The World Development Movement has been banned from the G20 conference by having their accreditation withdrawn.

Rowdy Protestor from Climate Camp-In?

Climate Camp-In

A Nationwide Membership Based Organization

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