Monday, April 20, 2009

Number 2, Flinging the Poo!

Al-Qaeda's deputy commander, Sheikh Ayman al-Zawahiri has flung more of his oral diarrhea at the Meccachurian and his plan to increase troop numbers in Afghanistan in a new audio message released Monday.

Zawahri argues that the U.S. president is following the same policies as his
predecessor, George W. Bush.

“America brought us a new face, trying to deceive us yet again. A face that
calls for change, but it’s rather calling for us to change, to give up our faith
and our rights,” says Zawahri, adding that Mr. Obama’s victory in the U.S.
presidential election was an acknowledgement by the American people of, “the
failure of the policies of Bush and his gang.”

Zawahri warned that Mr. Obama’s “surge” of troops to Afghanistan will only make
things worse. “What Obama is seeking to do by increasing the U.S. forces in
Afghanistan and continuing to bomb Pakistan will only add more fuel to the fire
and expose your soldiers to more killings and injuries.”

“What Obama has claimed about negotiating with moderate Taliban is an illusion
that he is fooling you or himself with,” added bin Laden’s deputy.

Zawahri had already strongly condemned Mr. Obama in a tape released last
November, in which he described the American president as a, “house Negro”.

Osama bin Laden’s deputy delivered his speech to mark the 6th anniversary of the
U.S. invasion of Iraq, and 30 years of peace between Egypt and Israel.

He extended his criticism to the West, to Arab rulers, to Egypt, and he even
directed some of his harsh rhetoric at Iran, accusing the Islamic Republic of
conspiring against Muslims in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Aligning his views with bin Laden’s, Zawahri called on Islamic extremists in
Iraq to unite, reminding them of the heavy responsibility on their shoulders —
that of conquering Palestine and liberating Jerusalem.

Bin Laden himself suggested in a tape released mid-March that militants should
establish a strong base in Iraq, move into Jordan and force their way into
Israel from there.

The tape also drew attention to the economic impact that the wars in Iraq and
Afghanistan have had on the U.S. and other world economies. Zawahri cited a
study by Linda Bilmes of Harvard University and Joseph Stiglitz of Columbia
University, saying that America has spent over $2 billion on its military
activities in Iraq alone.

Zawahri concluded with a message to the American people. He told Americans that
they would continue to suffer the consequences of “Bush’s foolishness” and that
Mr. Obama has not brought them any of the change he promised to deliver.

“President Obama didn’t change the image of America in the eyes of Muslims and
the oppressed. America is still killing Muslims in Palestine, Iraq and
Afghanistan… it is looting their wealth, occupying their land, and supporting
the corrupt traitorous rulers in their countries,” he said. “The problem is
obviously still there. It is even more likely to worsen and escalate.”

“Your leaders are trying to trick you into believing that killing, arresting or
torturing this or that one will protect America against threats. Kill, torture
and imprison whoever you like, for this is not going to tone down the intensity
of jihad against you.”

After analysis to known Zawahiri voice samples,
the audio message tests as genuine.

In the name of God the Merciful

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