Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Attack of the Bottom Feeders

It would appear that our decision to freeze membership has rattled more than one miscreant.
In fact, we would have to say it's shaken the hive of miscreants.

Those with foresight and common sense have contacted us in the prescribed method.
We are still processing requests.
What we shall label as the "bottom feeders" send questions and comments.

Here are some typical examples:

I like you guys, but here's how I would do things.

Here is my telephone number... I'm lousy with this computer stuff.

I can't install PGP on my dads computer, he won't let me.

Yes, truly pathetic we know, the scary part is that these individuals will be out there during the hard times.

We realize that some good people are going to die along with thousands of bottom feeders.
The good people will most likely be killed (and consumed) by the bottom feeders.

The only group of bottom feeders we feel any compassion for will be those children abandoned by their parents or sold into sexual slavery.
Our compassion does not include sharing our supplies with them though.

Yes, this may seem harsh.
But, survival usually is.

Unfortunately, the storm that has been looming on the horizon is here.
It is preparing to strike in it's full fury!
The time to ensure you're stocked up on food stores and equipment has passed.

How many people used to think, "I'll just grab a backpack and head for the woods"?
If your not properly trained, it's a death sentence for you and your family.

Every-single-day, CSA members wake up and, on top of their daily "routines",
think about ways they can better protect themselves and their loved ones.
They have tried try to inspire others to do the same.

It gets tiring having to put up with small minded cretins that think THEIR way is the ONLY way,
or their petty ego has been bruised (whether real or imagined).

They constantly spam anyone that doesn't think their way is the ONLY way.

They are the keyboard commandos that don't step up to the plate.

They don't learn how to use encryption or how to properly operate a computer.
There is another group of bottom feeders that think by having a few supplies, and some firearms,
they can be "Important" or "a Leader" if society would just hurry up and collapse.

Be aware that the bottom feeder are out there.
The people whom you can trust the least will be the ones with the most to lose when the status quo changes!

A Nationwide Membership Based Organization

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