Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Cochise County Militia Plans February Border Watch Event

The Cochise County Militia Plans a February border watch event that is open to the members of the group as well as members of the public.

"The event is coming up from Feb. 1 to Feb. 14," said Bill Davis, founder and
director of the militia. "Our confidential informants in Mexico say a big
harvest was just completed, and drug mules are being assembled for February."

All illegal activity observed by participants will be reported to U.S. Border
Patrol officials. Davis said he does not want to disclose the specific location
of the event - other than to say eastern Arizona - because he intends to
surprise the drug smugglers.

The event will be a 24-hour operation. People can come and go throughout the
two-week period. Some are expected to participate for just one day, while others
will stay all 14 days. Some will sleep in tents in the forest, while others will
stay in motels when off duty.

Davis said that people who don't live near the border area may not realize there
is a large number of illegal immigrants who enter the United States each day.
And, they may not understand what kind of impact it has on homeowners living
within 8 to 40 miles of Mexico.

"They lay in bed at night with their dogs barking, hearing strange noises
outside, watching dark figures pass their bedroom windows, sometimes 20-50 in
single file," he said. "They hope they don't have a home invasion, family
members molested, vehicles stolen or narcotics dropped on their property for
their animals and children to find."

Davis pointed out that people who are legally allowed to possess a handgun can
carry it exposed in Arizona with no problem. He cautioned that he doesn't want
participants to "wave them around" or do any target shooting during the event.
Rifles and shotguns also may be carried, he added.


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