Friday, January 30, 2009

The Country is in the Smolder Stage Rght Now.

A non-violent revolution in the former United States will never happen.
Individuals cannot band together to support a common cause that might require some effort on their part.
Groups and individuals usually have their own agendas.
Most are unwilling or unable to compromise on their views to work with others.

The "public at large" is too wrapped up in their daily routines of maintaining
their "comfort zones" to be bothered by such matters as the global downturn.

The handling of the economic crisis shows the inexperience of the Meccachurian,
too much has been done to bail out Wall Street fat cats and banks and not enough
to protect jobs and help workers make ends meet.

The sentiment of "we don't like the way this society is going," is not enough.

People often ask why we refer to the country as the former United States.
The United States ceased to exist as a cohesive entity with the election of a foreign national to its highest office.
The "public at large" just sat on their Lazy Boy recliners wielding a remote while their country was stolen from them.

As predicted by many before us,
this country will split into areas divided along racial, political and ideological lines.
As this economic crisis worsens and portions of the country are forced to compete for resources, tensions will erupt.

As President Theodore Roosevelt said, "Americans learn by disaster, not by history."

As this nation spirals into the abyss of a full blown depression,
people will only begin to act as hunger pains strike.
At that point, a non-violent solution to the problem will be a long lost dream.

Who will be the first to act?

Of course it will be the desperate lower income individual who has nothing left
to loose.He will have lost his job, home and most likely girlfriend or wife and family.

Throw several of these men together and you have a mob.

A hungry mob is an angry mob.
And an angry mob is capable of anything.

At first law enforcement will do what it can to quell the social unrest.

As the economy and conditions worsen,
law enforcement personnel will abandon their departments (after looting the equipment),

in droves to protect their families as widespread raping and looting occur.

The keyboard commandos and armchair generals that seem to dominate the online
world, will be nowhere to be found.
The people whom you can trust the least will be the ones with the most to
lose when the system changes.

It cannot be more simple and eloquent than that.
Individuals who will be the most effected as a result of a status quo change
will be the least trustworthy.

If you don't know the people you can trust NOW, then in the coming months
you're screwed.
Many of the people in the online world are just into crap and craziness.
Some are 16 year old posers who think Groups and Militias are just a reason to
justify having some guns, and/or some equipment and play Army.

The country is in the smolder stage right now.
The bureaucrats are attempting to douse the fire with gasoline.
Before things erupt into a full blown bonfire,
you'd better decide if you're just going to sit on your Lazy Boy or actually DO

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