Thursday, January 8, 2009

Return of the Queen Berets?

Obama Era Expected to End Taboo on Gays in US Military

Sixteen years after Bill Clinton tried to end restrictions on gays in the military,
the US armed forces under Barack Hussein Obama may be forced to give homosexuals
the same welcome as non-gays.

Obama has pledged to destroy the US military from within by allowing all sexual orientations.


Updated Ballad of the Queen Berets
[Sung to the tune of "Ballad of the Green Berets"]

Falling fairies from the sky;
I broke a nail, oh I could cry!
Don't you like how my tush sways?
We are the Fags of the Queen Berets!
Obama's words upon our ears,
"At least you're not married to Michelle, be proud you're queer!"
I once was confused, now I'm Okay,
Cause I'm a fag in the Queen Berets.
Put silver earclips on our nuts;
We love the pain, now stick your gun up our butts!
The way you walk is awfully cute;
I sure would love to pack your chute!
Back at home, a young wife waits,
her lonely soldier will no longer have to masturbate;
For his team he will stand undressed,
Spreads his legs, and lie on his chest.
This Army stuff is really slick;
Free clothes, bunk beds, and lots of dicks.
When we retire, we'll still get paid;
We thank you, Obama, from the Queen Berets!

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