Saturday, January 31, 2009

ATTN Active Duty - This is Your Commander-in-Chief!


"For all of you who voted for the Grand High Sheikh,
we hope you are happy with your crack smoking faggot!

"I mention I could use a line or two to wake up. Senator Obama asked me if I was
referring to “coke” and after stating I was, Obama stated he could purchase
cocaine for me and then made a telephone call – and this too is significant --
from his cellphone to a presently unknown individual during which Senator Obama
arranged the cocaine purchase. Senator Obama and I then departed the bar in my
limousine and proceeded to an unknown location where Senator Obama exited the
limousine with two hundred fifty dollars ($250) I had given him and returned a
short while later with an “eightball” of cocaine which he gave to me. I did
ingest a couple of lines of cocaine, and shortly thereafter Senator Obama
produced a glass cylinder pipe and packet of crack cocaine from his pants pocket
and Obama smoked the crack cocaine. I performed fellatio on Senator Obama in the
limousine during the time Senator Obama was smoking crack cocaine, after which I
had the driver take me to the my hotel, The Comfort Suits, Gurnee, Illinois. The
following day, November 7, 1999, Senator Obama appeared at my hotel room where
we again ingested cocaine and I again performed fellatio on Senator Obama.
Significantly, both the driver’s telephone call to Senator Obama and his call to
the drug dealer should appear on the driver’s and Senator Obama’s cellphone
billing statements.

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