Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Message From Beyond?

The worls most famous dead terrorist,
Osama Bin Laden has reportedly released a a 22 minutes long audio message titled:

"A Call for Jihad to Stop the Aggression on Gaza.
The message of Sheikh Osama Bin Laden to the Muslim Ummah."

In the audio message of the fake Bin Laden,
it says the decline of the America's dominance on the world stage was one of the main factors which prompted Israel to go on the offensive in Gaza.
"The great and swift decline in America's influence is one of the most important motivations for Israelis to wage such a barbaric attack on Gaza,
in a bid to try and make use of the last days of (President) Bush's mandate and the neo-conservatives" .
"Israelis are in a rush to get rid of their enemies in Gaza,
and replace them with (Palestinian President Mahmoud) Abbas and his administration,
in order for him to protect their backs.

They thus carried out this horrific butchery before the end of Bush's term in office before the American weakness shows even more."

The fake Bin Laden says that President Bush has left Sheikh-elect Barack
Hussein Obama with "two bitter choices,"
and wonders whether the new apostate leader will be able to keep up the fight against al-Qaeda and other groups.
"Can America keep up the war with us for more decades to come?
All reports and analysis indicate that this is not possible.
In fact, 75 percent of American people are happy with the departure of the president who got them into wars they could not possibly win."

The fake Bin Laden also adds that President Bush "drowned" the American people
in economic woes and "left his successor a difficult legacy, and left him one of
two bitter choices
The worst heritage is when a man inherits a long guerrilla
warfare with a persevering
, patient enemy - a war that is funded by usury.
If he (Obama) withdraws from the war, that would be a military defeat, and if he goes
on with it, he'll drown in economic crisis

The fake Osama predicts that Obama will be unable to solve the economic problems
facing America.
Quoting Obama's vice-presidential pick, Joe Biden, the fake bin
Laden says,
"Here’s Biden, the deputy of the newly elected sheikh, saying: 'The
crisis is even worse that we expected, and the entire American economy is in peril

The fake Osama bin Laden taunts President Bush over his pledge to abolish
"terrorism" and kill or arrest "terrorist" leaders - a promise the outgoing American President couldn't keep,
according to the fake Osama bin Laden.
"A group of your sons declared Jihad on that single power, the Hitler of our time,
we thus broke its horn, struck his fortress and demolished his tower
He thus became enraged and said he would bring the leaders of the Mujahideen,
dead or alive, to regain America's stature in the world and set it as an example for

Unfortunately the former goat herders have little or no knowledge of voice comparison and analysis techniques.
Nice try boys, go back in your caves now!

After rigorous testing since 1 AM EST of the audio message against known "good" voice samples of Osama bin Laden,
this audio message only has a 17% chance of being authentic.

Even though the message is watermarked with the "As-Sahab" logo,
other issues make it suspicious.

1. The file is stored in English.
2. There are No English subtitles, which As-Sahab usually does on a release of
this nature.
3, The file was not compressed and password protected, which As-Sahab usually
does on a release of this nature.

While our analysis may differ from that of Military Intelligence (a misnomer if we've ever heard one),
our Intelligence Analysts feel that the current administration is not denouncing the tape so that,
when an attack occurs after the Meccachurian is sworn in,
they can say "See, it didn't happen on our watch".

In the name of Allah the Merciful

Al-Sahab Media Productions


[A Call for Jihad to Stop the Aggression on Gaza]

The lion of Islam, Sheikh / Osama bin Laden - may God protect him --

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