Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Help These Folks if You Can!

As is our policy,
when a group or individual has an effort we consider admirable we advertise that effort.
So without further hype, we present to you:

Hi Everyone ,

As Some of you know,
we have a cable access show in Erie PA.

It's called Outside the Box News and Views.

We have been on the air for two years,
and we have had a lot of success,
and we have NEVER asked for a donation until today.

There is a reason for this request.

Our blood is boiling mad with rage over this latest
shooting in Oakland by those "Jackbooted Thugs".

We at OTBNews have decided to take some more ACTION!
We decided to walk it off , Yep walk it off
I volunteered to walk to every house and every store and stick
two or more DVD's in EVERY MAIL BOX in UNION CITY!
which is a little town of about 3500 people.

So for the next 30 Days
We are having a DVD (And cash for materials like envelopes etc.) Drive
We know Money is tight for every one But ,many hands make light work
so spread this far and wide please

We prefer DVD topics like:

The Illegal Income Tax
New World Order
World Government, etc.
911 videos

All DVD's will be delivered.

We can also air these DVD's on local access.
So there is a bonus

So please spread this far and wide.

You can send those DVD's here

Attention OTBNEWS
C/O Scio
9 1/2 West High Street
Union City Pennsylvania 16438

This Drive is called Operation Rude Awakening.

And we will be posting this operation on Youtube.

So Please Donate Today!

Thank you so much.

Please NO home made videos.

We take this walk serious.

A Nationwide Membership Based Organization

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