Saturday, January 31, 2009

Justice Department Confirms Smolder Stage

Justice Department Confirms Smolder Stage

With his seductive "boyish" charm,
Barack Hussein Obama has fooled the spineless American sheeple into thinking
that by raising taxes, regulating everything, and having massive government spending he can create a new wave of prosperity.

The warmed-over Marxism that passes for "new thinking" to Obama's media groupies
is being shoved down the sheeple's throats.
As we've tried to point out in previous commentaries,
those of us with a strongly held belief that every individual should accept
personal responsibility for their freedom are too few in number.

We like to quote former President Theodore Roosevelt who said, "Americans
learn by disaster, not by history.

As if on queue,
the Justice Department's National Gang Intelligence Center, has declared that
Criminal gangs have swelled to an estimated 1 million members.
As this nation spirals into the abyss of a full blown depression.

Who will be the first to act?

Of course it will be the desperate lower income individual involved with these
Criminal gangs who has nothing left to loose who will act first..

At first law enforcement will do what it can to quell the social unrest.
As the economy and conditions worsen,
law enforcement personnel will abandon their departments (after looting the equipment),
in droves to protect their families as widespread raping and looting occur.

As we have stated, the country is in the smolder stage right now.
The bureaucrats are attempting to douse the fire with Marxist stimulus packages.
Before things erupt into a full blown bonfire,
you'd better decide if you're just going to sit on your Lazy Boy and watch the Super Bowl or actually DO something.

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