Sunday, February 1, 2009

RUMORS - Military Oath HOAX!

We've heard dozens of rumors about rogue units attempting a military coup.

Some point to the fact that a military judge has directly challenged the
Meccachurian's order to suspend the trials of "terrorists" by military tribunals at the U.S. Naval Station at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

After studying all the scenarios presented to us, we have come to the conclusion
that there is no officer with enough charismatic personality to successfully pull off a
military coup.

The window of oppurtunity has closed after the coronation of the Meccachurian.
Support for an officer to move on a sitting president would be sporadic at best
and would more than likely lead to a Civil War with some units supporting the
Meccachurian, and patriotic units living up to their oath to defend the Constitution opposing

We've been bombarded with e-mails that the Meccachurian was supposedly going to
have the Military swear an Oath of Loyalty to him, instead of the United States

E-mail example:

Military to Pledge Oath To Obama, Not Constitution!

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Michele Chang

Secretary of Defense Robert Gates is extremely frustrated with orders that the
White House is contemplating. According to sources at the Pentagon, including all branches
of the armed forces, the Obama Administration may break with a centuries-old tradition.

A spokesman for General James Cartwright, the Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs
of Staff, states that the Obama Administration wants to have soldiers and officers pledge
a loyalty oath directly to the office of the President, and no longer to the Constitution.

"The oath to the Constitution is as old as the document itself." the spokesman
said, "At no time in American history, not even in the Civil War, did the oath change or the
subject of the oath differ. It has always been to the Constitution."

Even as much as we dislike the Meccachurian, we must tell you.

It is a HOAX!

The supposed author, "Michele Chang," doesn't exist.
The actual author is a New York college student named Matthew Avitabile,
who published the piece on his blog, Jumping in Pools, on January 28, 2009.
It was tagged as "satire,"
a detail that fell by the wayside as the text made its way from blog to blog and
inbox to inbox in the following days.

"Michele Chang is me," Avitabile confirmed in response to e-mail inquiries.

"So, yes, it's FAKE, and please stop
sending it to us".

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