Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Navy SEALs Looking to Train at Cathedral School

In another "exercise",
civilians (in this case high school students),
are being indoctrinated to accept the presence of military forces amongst them.
We can fully understand the need for training, but participation should be on a voluntary basis.
Nowhere in this article does it state that participation in this "exercise" would be on a voluntary basis.
We're happy the School principal says plans for the "exercise" are in their early stages,
with “nothing set in stone".
All concerned parents should contact the school and voice their disdain immediately.
If the "exercise" is not canceled, parents should keep their children at home for the duration of the "exercise".

Brief Article Synopsis

Navy SEALs Looking to Train at Cathedral School

Navy SEAL are looking to hold a training exercises scheduled for a few days in mid-May at St. Mary Cathedral School.
The exercises would take place during the school day and would involve high school students role-playing as civilians for the SEALs to interact with.


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