Sunday, February 8, 2009

Are farts the Winds of Paradise to al-Qaeda?

Much hoopla was made over the latest verbal diarrhea from al-Qaeda's deputy commander,
Ayman al-Zawahri who insinuates that the Grand High Sheikh Barack Hussein Obama's ,
expression of concern over the killings in Gaza were an empty gesture and
Washington remains as the main enemy of Muslims.

If you're truly bored, you can find Zawahri's latest verbal diarrhea on YouTube.

What we found far funnier is there latest release "The Winds of Paradise 3".
The video is in Arabic, but contains plenty of stock footage.

The pre-release announcement:

"As-Sahab will be releasing ‘The Winds of Paradise 3′.
In case you didn’t know, ‘The Winds of Paradise’ is As-Sahab’s best series
as it focuses on the lives of the Shuhada’.
When the war in Bosnia occurred, Azzam Publications would make tapes dedicated
to the lives of the Shuhada’ called,
“In the Hearts of Green Birds” and other names.
Muslims were obsessed over these tapes and would listen to them over and over
due to the beauty that was apparent in the lives of these people of Paradise (In
Sha’ Allah).
These tapes would strengthen our love for Jihad and Martyrdom and shape us into
solid characters.
‘The Winds of Paradise’ series is the same thing,
but takes on a much more personal approach as you actually get to see these
Mujahideen and how they lived their lives as pious warriors.
Every series so far in this collection makes the heart of the believers ache for
Jihad and Istishaad and makes the body, mind and soul to look forward to
worshiping Allah in the early hours,
sincerely asking Him for acceptance and a grant.
It seems here, they will be focusing on the Mujahid Shaykh, Abu Layth al-Libi.
This Mujahid was a giant of this age; he was harsh against al-Kuffaar, and
merciful amongst the Muslims.
He was the military trainer for the Mujahideen in Afghanistan due to his wide
experience in warfare and weapons.
He was a very close friend of Shaykh Abu Mus’ab al-Zarqawi,
such that when he heard about his martyrdom in ‘Iraq, Abu Layth fainted.
When he got back up, and realized what happened to Zarqawi, he fainted again.
He will be reunited with those whom he loves."

With the recent news of al-Qaeda's recruiting techniques,
our only question would be:
"Are farts the Winds of Paradise to al-Qaeda?"

In the name of God the Merciful

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