Monday, February 2, 2009

SWATting - Prank or Ploy?

You may have seen one of the many articles that is appearing on “SWATting,”
or deceiving 911 operating systems into believing a false crime is occurring,
which typically sends SWAT teams to respond the homes of unsuspecting victims.

Yes, some of these incidents are caused by deviant personalities that like
stirring up trouble just for the fun of doing it,
and others are revenge motivated by individuals "paying people back" for real or
imagined slights.

Another trend that appears to be occurring is the "anonymous tip".
In this scenario a law enforcement employee gives an "anonymous tip" on an individual.
This may be a Militia Member, a policeman's ex-wife's parents, or just some hot
chick that they want to rummage through her panty drawer.

This is why groups and Militias should have a robust SIGnals INtelligence (SIGINT) program in place.
At the very minimum you should be at least monitoring local police with a scanner.

The plain hard truth is that “SWATting,” is a form of harassment.
Be this harassment perpetuated by over zealous government agencies, deviant
personalities or horny cops.
You can expect this trend to be used to get around the need for search warrants.
The "anonymous tip" gives them the excuse of "probable cause".

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