Saturday, February 28, 2009

Follow up: China and Eminent Domain

Follow up: China and Eminent Domain

Even as much as we dislike the Meccachurian and his minions,
we can smell BS a mile away.

The story of the People's Republic of China being given a written agreement,
which grants them an option to exercise "Eminent Domain" within the former United States<
as collateral for their continued purchase of Treasury Notes and existing American Currency reserves has no credibility.

Some of the individuals cite the article, "China Needs U.S. Guarantees for Treasuries, Yu Says".
In this article it says,
In talks with Clinton, China will ask for a guarantee that the U.S. will support the dollar’s exchange rate and make sure China’s dollar-denominated assets are safe”.

Nowhere in this article does it speak of "Eminent Domain" or giving a foreign power property rights.

While much of the "Patriot" community is normal well-adjusted individual,
there is a fringe element that like to put out disinformation just for the fun of doing so.

There is a lot of WRONG information out there, some dangerous, some harmless.
Many people get suckered into this disinformation and can make the wrong choices due to it.

Don't believe EVERYTHING at first glance, research the material.
A "RED FLAG" should be raised if a posting says something like, "sources tell me" or "sources told me" without having a disclaimer on these "anonymous sources".

If someone cannot cite a legitimate news source with information that validates their story, it has no credibility.

We will officially have to raise the "BS flag" on this one.

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