Saturday, February 7, 2009

Al-Qaeda's True Intentions!

In a January report on Ennahar online which was recently picked up by Brit tabloid The Sun,

Abu Baçir El Assimi, reformed Algerian militant told authorities that sexual
acts on young teen male recruits was a way to get them to become suicide

"These young victims of sexual abuse themselves seek death for fear of
remaining prey in the hands of al-Qaeda chieftans.

According to Ennahar Online: "According to the Medical Examiner at Mohammed Nadir
hospital in Tizi Ouzou,
one of the three terrorists eliminated last week in a security barrier in the
town of Tademaït,
Department of Tizi Ouzou, had been victim of sexual abuse hours before his death.

The coroner's report was confirmed by another report of the Laboratory of
Scientific police on the rumors about the practice of sodomy between members of
the al-Qaeda.

Some leaders of the organization, as Aït Said, alias 'Tahar', responsible for external relations,
considered as one of the most avid of these immoral practices.
According to reliable source of Ennahar, the autopsy revealed a large tear in
the anus of the terrorist, which confirms the sexual abuse he had had.

In addition, semen analysis is underway to determine the perpetrator.
The young terrorist subject of sexual abuse, was aged 22, from Diar El Djemaâ, ElHarrach.

He reportedly joined al-Qaeda in March 2008.
He was a candidate to execute a suicide operation in the region of Boumerdes."

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