Tuesday, February 24, 2009


As we reported in our posting, "New Terrorist Tactic or Hype?",
Homeland Security officials are concerned that attacks similar to those in Mumbai, India will be replicated here in the former United States.

We have tried to warn individuals and groups of the Meccachurian's planned campaign against
Militias and Patriot Groups which he calls "secret societies of extremism and destruction".

The campaign has started, the Meccachurian has unleashed his duped minions.
The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is now focusing its attention on what it calls "radicals" and "home-grown terrorists".

Under the guise of "protecting Americans",
thousands of individuals are being monitored and investigated.
By using the supposed threat of a Mumbai style attack,
law abiding citizens can be targeted for simply exercising their Second Amendment Rights.

Since the Meccachurian's tenants of Jihad allow him to lie to the lowly infidels,
by disarming the populace and eliminating Militias and Patriots,
he knows there will be nothing or anyone left to oppose him.

It's only a matter of time till raids are conducted.
and scenes of weapons being displayed in press conferences of these dangerous "radicals" are splashed on TV screens nationwide.

We are getting in preliminary reports from Indiana of raids,
but they're portraying them as drug raids in the mainstream media at the moment.

Our SIGINT unit is seeing heavier than normal traffic on FBI frequencies at the moment.
We do not have enough information at the moment to issue an alert, but we can say:


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