Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Situation Reports Wanted

We haven't seen any truly noticeable ammunition shortage locally,
but have seen a significant increase in price.

Reports are coming in from Florida that gun dealers are running out of ammunition.
The Orlando (Fla.) Sentinel said Tuesday that the economic downturn may also be fueling the increased demand for bullets, which are seen as a vital supply like plywood before a hurricane.

The survivalist in all of us comes out, said John Ritz, manager of East Orange
Shooting Sports in Winter Park.
It's more about protecting what you have.

Owners of gun stores across the Sunshine State say rounds are flying out their
doors with handgun ammo being the biggest sellers.

The Sentinel said merchants have been beating the bushes for suppliers, and that
the trend is also being seen in other areas of the United States.

Readers are encouraged to send us situation reports on their local areas.
Include such details as availability of caliber and pricing.

One of our members will compile the submissions this weekend and e-mail a copy to all those who participate.

E-mail the groups main address:

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