Sunday, January 18, 2009

Demonize Them All!

"While the population suffers,
a grand old time will be had in the Oval Office

A 42,500-strong security force comprised of members from 58 federal,
state and local law enforcement agencies has been assembled for Grand High Sheikh-elect Barack Hussein Obama's coronation.

The price tag for the coronation is expected to break records,
with some estimates reaching as high as $150 million.
All this while unemployment is up and the stock market is down.

Just as Nero "fiddled while Rome burned",
Grand High Sheikh-elect Barack Hussein Obama is expected to spare no expense for his coronation while the population suffers.

The FBI says it has no information on any specific or credible threats.
But, just as a military coup drove Nero from the throne in 68 AD.
We can only hope and pray that patriotic elements of our military will do the same to the Grand High Sheikh-elect.

There has been no known organized effort by Militias or other groups to express
opposition to the Meccachurian's illegal rise to the presidency,
other than a call by the National Knights of the Ku Klux Klan for its members to wear black
armbands as well as fly the U.S. flag upside down on Inauguration Day,
and the Grand High Sheikh's first full day in office.

Until the full extent of the Meccachurian's tyrannical Islamo-facist agenda are
divulged to the population at large,
the traitorous attitudes of those who support the Meccachurian will not change.

As we have reported,
the Grand High Sheikh-elect has been working for "months" with four-dozen advisors on a plan to implement "preemptive policing" to enforce his leftist agenda starting on Day One.

Patriot groups, Militias and Survivalist groups will all be labeled "white
supremacists" and targeted as such.
Expect to see a demonization of all these groups in the mainstream media.

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