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Commentary - The Truth About Wanna-Be Patriots

The Truth About Wanna-Be Patriots

In the world of individuals one could label "Patriots",
we consider it to be comprised of the Sovereign-Citizen), Militia and Survivalist communities.
One of the advantages that the Connecticut Survivalist Alliance (CSA) has always had,
is that some highly technical individuals were responsible for drafting and implementing the CSA's operational policies.

Because of a paranoid and hypocritical society,
our secrecy and adherence to Operational Security (OPSEC),
has made the CSA a target of over zealous organizations who see enemies behind every rock and tree. The label of racist and militant has become a generic battlecry for some groups
and government agencies, who try to demonize everyone in the Patriot (Sovereign-Citizen), Militia
and Survivalist communities.

Another problem is that of what we call "Wanna-Be Patriots".
This title encompasses a vast group of individuals ranging from the well meaning
but naive individuals who listen to or watch corporate shills,
to the "It's MY way or NO way" crowd and teenage deviant personalities that like stirring up trouble just for the fun of doing so.

These well meaning but misguided and naive individuals are often the first to
quote Thomas Jefferson's famous quote,
"The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of
patriots and tyrants.
But they are usually told by their corporate shills that Revolution or Secession
will not happen unless it is non-violent.

While these profiteering gluttons rake in thousands of dollars from their naive
and misguided followers, conditions worsen as more personal liberties are lost.

As the CSA has always said, we don't have all the answers to the problems facing
the country right now, but we do know that without lawful organization, things
will just keep sliding backwards until there are no rights left to lose.

Promoting a policy of inaction and paper diplomact is leading many down the
primrose path of disaster. As we are fond of quoting Theodore Roosevelt, the
twenty-sixth President of the former United States, who said - "Americans only
learn by disaster".

Listening to these corporate shills and profiteering gluttons will lead these
individuals and their families to unbelievable suffering when the disaster
strikes in its full fury.

On the flip side of the coin, those that try to instigate action are often in
bed with exact people that they claim to loath and despise. The old joke of look
to your right, look to your left one of you three is an informant has never rang
truer in these well meaning but naive groups.

The second category of the "Wanna-Be Patriots" are the "It's MY way or NO way" crowd.
They are usually outcast from society who want and welcome disaster,
because they think that they can be "important" or "a leader" and have a harem
of 12 year old girls if society would just hurry up and collapse.

What these individuals have failed to comprehend is that a leader is powerful by nature.
If you put them in a disaster, or on a desert Island with 20 people, they will still attain power.

Many of the "It's MY way or NO way" crowd are advocates of the "Lone Wolf" survivalist philosophy. They usually have been thrown out of organization after organization, yet it's
everyone else that's wrong. It's like dealing with an Islamic.
There is nothing wrong with being a "Lone Wolf",
but these people need a basic level of interoperability with established units.
We have seen individuals in adjoining cities that cannot communicate with others
should a grid failure occur,
not to mention call for help or support.
On a state to state basis, it's even worse.

The last category of "Wanna-Be Patriots" is the teenage deviant personalities
that like stirring up trouble just for the fun of doing so.
(To be fair to teenagers, not all these deviant personalities are teenagers.)

The Patriot (Sovereign-Citizen), Militia and Survivalist communities have always
had a fringe element attached to them that has long given them a bad name,
By exploiting the most common stereotypes,
these deviant personalities garner undue attention on legitimate factions of the
Patriot (Sovereign-Citizen), Militia and Survivalist communities.
This is one of the reasons why adherence to OPSEC is so vital.

As we have said before:

Liberty and Freedom is not a game!
Be wary of those who are too apathetic and lazy to implement OPSEC!
Those who discourage OPSEC often have ulterior motives for doing so!
Nowadays it takes much less than "30 pieces of silver", for you to be betrayed!

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