Friday, July 10, 2009

Wanted - Serious Individuals

Back in June of 2008,
we tried to restore a public Connecticut Survivalist Alliance (CSA) Discussion Group on Google,
like our old Yahoo Discussion Group before the Anti-Defamation League (ADL),
started their campaign of persecution against us.

We intended for it to serve as our main public hub for analyzing and disseminating information,
which may pertain to potential threats and concerns to the Patriot
(Sovereign-Citizen), Militia and Survivalist communities.

Since we made it so you didn't have to be a CSA member to participate,
we have mainly ended up with a collection of non-posting lurkers for the most part.

Since the group is populated by these lurkers,
our WebBot searches out News and Open Source Intelligence (OSI) and posts it to the group 5 times a week.

What the Discussion Group really needs are individuals who are serious about
wanting a return to the Constitutional Republic .
Everyone has something to share, everyone has something to learn, and together
we can accomplish things while the lurkers and slackers fall to the wayside.

The CSA Discussion Groups primary aim is to provide a forum for discussion of
current events and breaking news and information.
The group is for learning and sharing information.

SPAMMERS will be DELETED without WARNING - the same goes for those who post
Commercial messages deemed inappropriate.

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