Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Take Notice California Patriot (Sovereign-Citizen) or Militia Units and Groups

Latest Ruse to Turn Police Into Federal Marshals

The Federal Bureau of Investigation's (FBI's) North Central Coast Gang Task Force,
which covers Monterey, Santa Cruz and San Benito counties,
will be stepping in to take over the Monterey County Task Force.

Under the ruse of fighting against "gang" crime in the region,
the FBI is actually positioning itself to disrupt and dismantle what it calls
criminal enterprise by targeting "gang" leadership and structure over long periods
of time over jurisdictional boundaries.

From what we can gather from sources inside law enforcement,
the real focus is to be upon those in the Patriot (Sovereign-Citizen) and
Militia communities.

Each member of the new combined "Gang" Task Force will be deputized,
which means they will become federal marshals.
Becoming federal marshals will allow the FBI to investigate "gang" cases
stretching from the Central Coast to the Bay Area.

If you're in a California Patriot (Sovereign-Citizen) or Militia unit or group
and live in the Central Coast to the Bay Area,
we would urge your unit or group to go to their highest levels of Operational
Security (OPSEC).


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