Saturday, July 11, 2009

Just Tally Up Another Dead Islamic!

Has another piece of shit Somali-American man who had been recruited to join an
al-Qaeda-linked group in Somalia been killed?

Family members of 20-year-old Jamal Bana say they have found photos of his bloody body online.
The Somali government took the photos to show the world that they had killed a
foreign fighter.

Reports from Somalia are that the photos were of an Afghan or Pakistani fighter
who was killed during a fight in Mogadishu on Saturday.

An FBI spokesman in Minneapolis said the FBI is aware of the photos,
but he would neither confirm nor deny that they show Bana's body.

Bana's mother says she knew instantly that the photos were that of her son.

Is it Bana?
Who really cares?
Just tally up another dead Islamic!


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Laila said...

I can only smile at your evil ignorance because i know that one day you will be judged and will be rotting and burning in the bottom of Hell while this young martyr is enjoying the fruits of Heaven. So enjoy the little that is left of your life....

josh Holbrook said...

Nah. Fuck all Taliban scum cowardly terrorism