Saturday, July 11, 2009

RUMOR - Gearing Up For the Fall

This rumor had been sent to us by several individuals in law enforcement circles.
If we had only received this rumor from one individual,
we wouldn't have given it much credence.
Receiving it from multiple sources across the country gives us pause.
We present it for you to make your own judgment.

The "official" story line presented to media outlets is that the U.S. Marshals Service,
led a sweep of fugitive sex offenders, violent criminals and gang members
during June called "Operation FALCON" (Federal and Local Cops Operating Nationally) .

What was not widely publicized in non-law enforcement circles,
was that "Operation FALCON" was a training exercise for possible civil unrest this fall,
as the swine flu is expected to cause panic and the economy worsens.

Figures coming into the Connecticut Survivalist Alliance's Intelligence Unit (CSAIU),
report the following.

35,190 total Fugitives Apprehended
5,800 violent criminals along the U.S.-Mexico border
2,356 were fugitive sex offenders
900 gang members
433 were murder suspects
582 firearms confiscated
2,400 kilograms of narcotics seized
$342,000 in cash recovered

As compared to last years roundup which had 19,000 alleged criminals arrested,
law enforcement is gearing up for mass arrests with this training exercise.


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