Thursday, July 16, 2009

This is an Elected Official?

In a disturbing video,

the mayor of Lancaster, California shows the attitude of government officials
that is so prevalent today.

Labeling any group or organization they may not agree with as "domestic

A Patriot or Militia group may be a far cry from a Bike Club,

but if it were a Patriot or Militia group coming to town,

the comments would be the same.

For an elected official to say he "doesn't care about the civil rights of gang

the most important question for Lancaster residents to ask themselves is who
does he consider a "gang" member?

A member of a Patriot or Militia group,

or perhaps anyone from an opposing political party?

Make your opinion known by voting this crud out of office in the next election!

A Nationwide Membership Based Organization

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CTsurvivalist said...

Motel shut down to keep Mongol bikers out...