Friday, July 31, 2009

Infowars Censorship

One of our recent blog postings was published on
This was done without Infowars contacting us or asking if we mind.
Our membership has had it suspicions about Alex Jones and his minions for quite
a few years.

Just like Hal Turner,
his handlers don't want their secrets revealed to the masses.
In the comments on Infowars was a simple question.

"What in the world is with the cement?"

Of course there were several idiotic juvenile replies,
so we decided to reply seriously.

Every indication we are getting on the large amounts of
cement, points to the construction of a VIP Evacuation or Support Facility.
Traffic analysis of encrypted communications show communication tests to other
known facilities.
(Fort Meyer,VA, Fort Belvoir,VA, Hagerstown,MD, Mount Weather,VA, Mercersburg,PA,
Fort Richie,MD and Boonesboro,MD)

Our comment was deleted within 5 minutes.
Giving Infowars the benefit of the doubt, we tried again.
This comment was also promptly deleted within 5 minutes.

We would ask Infowars to explain themselves.
Our comment was short, concise and factual.
There is NO foul language or "flame" of any individual.

It would appear that Alex Jones is in bed with the same entities he claims to be
We welcome Infowars explanation of this matter.
If it's OK to publish our blog posting, why delete our comment?

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