Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Fresh Batch of E-mail Rumors

Going through our e-mail for rumors and hints of potential threats is always an amusing chore.
From the sensible to the outlandish, reading them always brings a chuckle to some of the staff.

We've narrowed down the most common rumors to their base components.
Eliminating some speculation on individuals parts.

Rumor 1 - al-Qaeda Plots Multiple Attacks

If you still have any faith in governmental intelligence agencies,
they are claiming that a large group of 15-20 al-Qaeda terrorists,
trained in Pakistan and Algeria to hijack and blow up airliners,
deployed secretly in at least six European and Middle East countries in early July.

The terrorists are believed to have landed in Britain, Germany, France, Italy, Turkey and Egypt.

German Intelligence officials are concerned with Germany going to the polls in a general election in three months.
They claim they are detecting an increase in online warnings of terrorist attacks targeting Germany.

One of the successful tactics they are rumored to be employing is to detonate an explosive device,
wait for first responders to respond, then detonate secondary devices to maximize casualties.

Rumor 2 - Bird Flu (H5N1 Influenza), Swine Flu (H1N1 Influenza) and Un-named H1N1/H3N2 flu strain Rumors

We've gotten in so many influenza rumors, it's becoming a pandemic of information.

Rather than picking apart fact from rumor, here's the facts in a nutshell.
Most health agencies and governmental bodies are bracing for fall flu season.
The World Health Organization (WHO) is claiming worldwide cases have tapered off during the summer, even as the daily news reports new cases.

Even as they try to spread disinformation,
WHO has declared swine flu a "pandemic,"
signaling governments worldwide to launch emergency response plans.

The mildest pandemics of the 20th century killed at least a million people worldwide,
according to the WHO's data, while old-fashioned seasonal flu strikes every
nation yearly and kills an estimated 250,000 to 500,000.
When the pandemic was declared, H1N1 swine flu had killed only 144 people total -- fewer than succumb daily to seasonal flu annually.

WHO's biggest fear is the yet un-named flu strains that are appearing with alarming frequency.

We have received numerous accounts from Postal workers that the Postal Service
has instructed them to have a 30 - 40 day food supply on hand.
Does WHO and the government of the former United States have knowledge of this
un-named Influenza threat that has been identified,
but hasn't been made known to the worlds population?

Rumor 3 - Our economy is about to collapse and the Meccachurian is going to
devalue the currency and you will wake up to a new dollar worth 20% of what the
old one was.

Depending on your political bias and personal conspiracy beliefs,
the substance of these rumors seems to be:

One of the main reasons the Meccachurian is soft on North Korea is that they are
flooding the American financial market with counterfeit dollars.

This also seems to be why the treasury has gone through so many redesigns of
certain paper currencies.
Rumors persist of the treasury going to a totally different toilet paper currency and than 20 cents on the dollar could be a high estimate.

For this rumor, you will have to decide for yourself.
With talk of a second stimulus package focusing on infrastructure projects,
we can see this happening.
The Meccachurian is totally devaluing the dollar and may call for a new totally
different toilet paper currency to reflect his "change".
Using North Korean counterfeiting as an excuse to push his agenda seems
plausible in the near future.

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