Sunday, July 19, 2009

More Chess Moves

There hasn’t been a day in the past two years that we haven't been asked when the war between Iran and Israel will begin.
The Israeli's are very adept at leaking disinformation and propaganda so information is always suspect or sketchy.

Two Israeli Saar-class missile warships have passed through the Egyptian Suez
Canal into the Red Sea, another Israeli vessel, a Dolphin-class submarine, capable of launching a
nuclear cruise missile strike did the same earlier.

We have received reports that the submarine returned to the Mediterranean Sea
from an Israeli defense employee.

So, there is no doubt that Israeli Intelligence is trying to give the illusion
of a build-up of naval power either in the Gulf of Elat, or possibly even in the
Indian Ocean.

Israel has made the naval activity public with the intention of sending a
message to Iran.

The Israeli government has reserved the right to carry out a first strike on
Iran's nuclear facilities if they continue to defy the international community
and spreads instability in the Middle East.

At this time, the activity seems to be more posturing.
We haven't seen a clear decisive move yet.

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