Thursday, March 26, 2009

Call For Assistance!

Call For Assistance

By now we're sure you've heard of "Operation Glencoe",
which is the planned crackdown on G20 Summit protestors.
British law enforcement has already been monitoring social networking sites like Facebook and MySpace as part of "Operation Glencoe".

Last night, a map showing the locations of offices of Law Firms,
Climate Change & Carbon Trading Companies,
Financial & Trading Associations and Arms Traders was released.

The map, titled "Squaring up to the Square Mile",
also locates the London branches of the so-called Big Four accountancy firms Pricewaterhouse Coopers,
Deloitte, KPMG and Ernst & Young.

We're looking for personnel who plan on attending the march through the Square Mile on April 1st,
and the protests on April 2nd.
We're looking for first hand reports and photos.

Secure communications available via RSA PGP.

Get our public key at:


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