Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Profiteering Glutton Alert

"When the rioting starts in your store, will you be ready?"

As many individuals are aware,
many of the Connecticut Survivalist Alliance's (CSA),
members came out of the hacking community during the groups formative years.

Because of this, the CSA has always had a negative opinion of "profiteering gluttons",
or those that charge for obviously something taken from the public domain and tweaked to suit their needs.

We were recently shown a copy of "Gone Before You Get There; 77 Items That Instantly Vanish From Store Shelves In A Panic", that is being sold as a digital download for $20.00.

This is an obviously selectively chosen and expanded version of "100 Items To Disappear First In A Panic" which has been on the Internet for years.

We know that preparedness is currently "in vogue", but taking advantage of individuals that may be new to the preparedness community is just profiteering gluttony at its worst.

In these troubled economic times, the last thing people need is someone else fleecing their wallets.

Our Intelligence Unit has taken the public domain "100 Items To Disappear First In A Panic", and converted it to PDF.
If you really feel the need to waste $20.00 of your hard earned money, then go buy "Gone
Before You Get There; 77 Items That Instantly Vanish From Store Shelves In A Panic
" or just download "100 Items To Disappear First In A Panic" for FREE!

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Herbs 'n' Chocolate said...

I found your blog thru this particular entry. And a big thanks! I was wondering if there was another way to get that report without spending another 20 hard earned bucks. Just wonder what else was in there to make it worth the money? & I wonder if I can find that DVD they offer for less too...

Your blog is fantastic! So full of the info many of us want. Thanks for having this out there for us to find! I plan to share your blog with several of my friends too.