Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Meccachurian's Satanic Backmasking

In a backmasking (also known as backward masking) analysis of the Meccachurian's acceptance speech in Chicago on November 4th, you can positively identify the phrase "Thank You Satan".
This is the main battlecry of the Meccachurian, "Yes We Can".

For those not familiar with backmasking, it is a technique to deliver a message
to listeners subliminally. This technique only works on the weak minded, the
specific target audience of the Meccachurian. It comes as no surprise to see him
involved in Satanic backmasking with his clandestine devotion to the "Religion
of HATE" and militant theology.

An extremely large percentage of the population has fallen into the dark abyss is Obamunism.
The sides have been chosen, which are you on?

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