Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Who's the Prey?

Special Agent Paul M. Sorce

Was a Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI),
agent killed in an automobile accident while conducting a surveillance operation on a Patriot?

Reports have filtered into the Connecticut Survivalist Alliance Intelligence Unit (CSAIU),
that Special Agent Paul M. Sorce was killed while driving a Chevrolet
Trailblazer that collided with a Dodge Magnum in a Detroit suburb.

The FBI’s Detroit Field Office statement on the matter is, "Special Agent Paul
M. Sorce was involved in a serious automobile accident while carrying out his duties".

It has been confirmed that Sorce was a member of a "special task force".
Our Intelligence Analysts are debating if this "special task force" is currently assigned to gang activity or Patriot activity.

Some point to Sorce's involvement with Detroit area youth recreation football
and school football as an indicator of his "special task force's" involvement with gang activity.

All we can really say is for Detroit area Patriots to be on their guard.
The Detroit Division of the FBI is on the prowl.
We can neither confirm nor deny their prey.

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