Sunday, March 15, 2009

Covert Communications is NOT HAM Radio

I was recently involved in a discussion on the drawbacks of obtaining an Amateur radio license, (often called a HAM radio license).

Now, anyone who knows me personally, knows how I feel about HAM licensing.

HAM licensing is another form of government control in my opinion.
When and if I have to solely depend on amateur radio,
an amateur radio license is the least of my concerns and should be the least of everyone’s concerns.

I don't need a document from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC),
to grant me the privilege of conducting two-way communications.
in these days of identity theft and information privacy,
the concept of amateur radio licensing is an outdated relic of paranoia from WWI.

Concerns of German spies during WWI is one of the main reasons why there is
amateur radio licensing.
Last time I checked, WWI was over.

Before 1912, call signs were just made up by the aspiring Amateur and it wasn't until the Radio Act of 1912, that the first licenses were issued.
In fact all Civilian radio activities were suspended during WWII.

For those concerned about the possibility of Martial Law and the oppressive government of the Meccachurian, they should make a mental note of that fact.
Why give the federal government just another tool to oppress you by obtaining an amateur radio license?

Not to mention my personal disdain of giving the Meccachurian's administration any monetary funding.
I've been informed that shutting down Amateur radio operators will be a high priority in those areas where Martial Law is declared.

An excellent article on the possibility of a police state in America was published on March 4th ,on
I would urge all Amateur radio license advocates to pay special attention to Executive Order 10995, which states,
"the radio spectrum is a critical natural resource which requires elective,
efficient and prudent administration in the national interest

Any communications should be conducted covertly.
Obtaining an amateur radio license is not covert or a practical idea if you fear an oppressive government.
I have heard the argument that, "We are just bringing people up to speed and
on the same page
This can be done without revealing their "real world" information to the FCC and anyone with access to a callsign database.

While it is true that Ham radio operators were the only ones able to communicate
when cellphones failed during the 9/11 terrorist attacks, and in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, a Martial Law scenarios here in the former United States will be nothing like these.

Yes, learn how to operate Amateur radio equipment and use covert channels.
But don't draw a roadmap to your door by obtaining an Amateur radio license.

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