Monday, March 16, 2009

Have You Sunk Into Defeatism?

The CSA has touched on this subject before, but we think it bears repeating.
Defeatism can be defined as acceptance of defeat without struggle.

Many individuals have already embraced defeatism and have a very negative defeatist attitude.

We are seeing more and more people people in this mindset.

I was out with friends for breakfast and saw a gentleman in his nineties,
it was quite clear that this old timer was hung-over.

Curious, we asked the old timer what happened to him.

He replied,
"I hadn't touched a drop in 30 years,
but when I see what that son of a bitch
(meaning the Meccachurian),
is doing to this country, I just couldn't take it anymore."

After throwing the gentleman's coffee on our tab,
we left him to wallow in his frustration of a country lost.

The people in the former United States have sunk into defeatism.
We are now dealing with an "instant gratification" society.
This is one of the reasons we keep our postings short,
anything longer and we lose peoples attention.

A prime example of the frustration building in the populace,
would be an intentionally sarcastic e-mail an associate of ours received today.


You guys are pretty tough behind the keyboard with your empty words.

All I see is talk and no action.

On the other hand... the elitists are keeping there mouths shut and I see a
whole lot of doing and progress on their part.

Face it...YOU ARE NOT A THREAT to the NWO.

Get over it and stop living in the past.
You are holding on to a long lost philosophy that is no longer practiced.

The masses do not want freedom and liberty.

Can't you see that Obama is going to save us?"

Unfortunately, this individuals sarcasm went over the heads of most of the people on this particular mailing list.

FACTA NON VERBA people (DEEDS Not Words!), is the call to action.
If I hear, "I'm just waiting for someone else to act" one more time,
I'm going to projectile vomit.

Every former citizen of American is going to have to accept personal
responsibility for his rights and freedoms declared by our founding fathers,
granted to us by God above, and penned in the Bill of Rights, the Declaration of
Independence, and the Constitution of the former United States of America.

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