Tuesday, March 24, 2009

More on Army's Electronic Warfare Plans

Fort Sill EW Classroom

We initially reported of the Army's intention to builds Electronic Warfare (EW) teams on March 19th.
We have now been notified that the Army will be conducting training courses in EW at Fort Sill, Oklahoma, on the following dates.

The courses are being made available to officers, warrant officers and enlisted personnel.
The officer (FA29) course will run 11 weeks beginning June 29.
The warrant officer (MOS 290A) course will run 16 weeks and the enlisted (MOS 29E) course will run 10 weeks, both of these courses beginning April 1st.

More than 1,600 EW personnel are projected to begin serving at every level of
command, throughout the Army over the next three years.
An additional 2,300 personnel will be added to this career field in the near future

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