Saturday, March 14, 2009

We have some good news and some bad news

As the old saying goes,
"we have some good news and some bad news".

The good news is that we have learned from multiple respondents,
that we were NOT IP filtered on

It would appear that after 8PM EST,
everyone was getting the "Forbidden" error message.

Now, onto the bad news.
The Meccachurian has abandoned the term "enemy combatant".
Now, some will say this is a good thing.
But, think about the near future.

The Justice Department has kept the broad right to detain individuals,
they say they would only seek to hold terrorism suspects who have "substantially support" to al-Qaeda and the Taliban.

How long will it take for al-Qaeda and the Taliban to be replaced by Patriots and Militias?
You are no longer an "enemy combatant" but are now a straight up terrorist.


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