Thursday, March 12, 2009

Chuck Norris Ostracized

The Mainstream Media (MSM),
has a hard time dealing with people when they express honest opinions that don't conform to their view of what's "politically correct".

The latest victim of the MSM's attack dogs is martial arts legend Chuck Norris.

The comment that has caused Chuck Norris to be ostracized by the MSM,
was his suggestion that Texas could break off from the union if it wanted to.

The one thing the people who wok for the MSM cannot stand,
is when someone expresses their First Amendment rights,
but if challenged on something they do they constantly hide behind the First Amendment.

As if to further the insult, the article author poses the question,
"will Chuck really lead a nation of Christian patriots into glorious battle against the forces of darkness?"

For the politically correct challenged this means,
"will Chuck really lead a nation of White Christian Racists into glorious battle against the Meccachurian?"


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