Saturday, March 7, 2009

Sovereignty Under Attack!

For those who think we "may be out of touch with reality",
and "a few straws short of a bale", we can only say we tried to warn you.

The harassment of what the Meccachurian deems as anti-government groups has begun in earnest.
We had first warned of this planned strategy back on November 1st of 2008,
when a supposed insider in the Obama campaign e-mailed us that he heard Militias described as,
"secret societies of extremism and destruction" in a policy meeting.

It appears that his first selected target is the "Sovereign Movement".
This would make sense since 20 states are now calling for state sovereignty under the Tenth Amendment.
Since states are pushing for sovereignty from the federal government due to the Meccachurian's stimulus package,
which the states have deem unconstitutional,
he is targeting them first since sovereignty is even making mainstream media coverage.

The standard accusations of possessing unregistered firearms and parts to convert manual firearms into automatic weapons have been leveled.
Along with these standard accusations,
undercover Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) agents are accusing four members of the Sovereign Movement with money laundering and tax evasion.

We expect as in most investigations of this nature,
the evidence has been manufactured to implicate these individuals.
The FBI will of course call these claims "preposterous" and say they have overwhelming evidence.

Those that have endeavored to conduct lawful organization are being targeted by
the Meccachurian who views any talk of "sovereignty" as a threat to his socialist agenda.
Still the "man on the street" does nothing and views those of us who recognize his treachery as being "out of touch with reality".


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