Thursday, March 19, 2009

The REAL Criminals

"Were Mulder and Scully on the take too?"

You may wonder why federal law enforcement wastes time and energy on the Patriot and Militia community?
Besides the obvious harassment mandate of the Meccachurian,
it's often because they need scapegoats to cover-up their own illegal tendencies.

One of the largest collections of degenerates are current and former agents of
the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).
As the adage goes, "power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely".
Agents have been given nearly limitless powers,
and this has given them "holier than though" attitudes.
These we are better than you attitudes have led them into committing the crimes they're supposed to be stopping.

Finding scapegoats or (domestic terrorists) as they like to call them,
has been given a "green light" by the Meccachurian's administration.
Expect to see more and more harassment of Patriots and Militia members as more scapegoats are needed.

To illustrate the extent of corruption of current and former FBI agents, we can just take a quick sampling of current headlines.

FBI agent in NY accused of tipping off informant

Ex-FBI agent convicted for planning to rip off drug house,jury-convicts-tran-drug-house-031809.article

And not to just say FBI agents are corrupt,
lets not forget those upstanding Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) agents.

CIA Man Accused of Rape Claimed to Be FBI Agent in Parking Row

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