Friday, March 13, 2009

The Hypocrisy of Glenn Beck!

We expected much more from the Glenn Beck Special "We Surround Them".

We thought finally someone with the appropriate pulpit who might stir people to action.
What a mistake that was!
Instead we were treated to an hour of candy coated fluff.

As disappointing as the special was, the webcast and chatroom was even worse.
The chatroom was filled with gushing Beck fans,
who could only say, "thank you Glenn Beck or Fox" and "God Bless".

The fortitude of individuals in the former United States leaves something to be desired.
If you weren't in the "We Surround Them" chatroom, consider yourself lucky.

At 5:46 the Room Sysop announced messages would be moderated.
This is sad but understandable,
with the amount of deviant personalities on the Internet that like stirring up trouble just for the fun of doing so.

As the Room Sysop asked at 5:54 for questions for Glenn, we submitted the question,

"Is it time to refresh the tree of Liberty?".

Our posting never appeared.

At 5:58 the Room Sysop advertised Glenn's new project
The website was never available because as Glenn announced on the special, the server crashed. At several of us prepare this posting, the server was still down saying,
"Service Temporarily Unavailable"

We asked,
"Is the server down due to sheer volume, or a Denial of Service attack?".

This posting also never appeared and was not answered.

Getting a little miffed we sent,
"Why are you censoring posts that are not vulgar and offensive?"

This question also never appeared or was answered.

Finally at 6:11 we decide to send something inconspicuous that the Room Sysop might let slip by,
so we sent,
"Facta Non Verba - Deeds Not Words!".

Lo and behold, this posting appeared.

At the end of the webcast,
Glenn made an appeal for pacifism on the part of individuals in politically
correct" terms.The standard tactic of "calling & writing your Congressman".
(Done a wonderful job so far, hasn't it?)

He presented this pacifist approach to Chuck Norris who wholeheartedly agreed
after being ostracized by the media.

We find it very hypocritical of the Glenn Beck program to poll individuals on the loss of free speech,
while censoring their own chatroom of legitimate questions.

It comes as no surprise we are now "Forbidden" from the,
and our own website is mysteriously suffering from a "Denial of Service attack".

(We have learned from multiple respondents,
that everyone was getting the
"Forbidden" error message after 8PM EST)

We can e-mail individuals copies of the "We Surround Them" chatroom log,
for those individuals wanting to examine it for themselves.

Send your request to:

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