Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A Re-Hash of Trash

We've received several e-mails on a supposed new 51-page jihadist recruitment manual.
To get the facts straight, this is not a "new" manual but the same old tired manual, "The Art of Recruitment".

It has been around since September of 2008 and was originally uploaded to a jihadi forum by a user nicknamed Abu Amr al-Qaedi.

The manual is based on the book Daawat al-Moqawama al-Islamia al-Alamia (The Mission of Global Islamic Resistance, December 2004),
by the renowned Syrian Salafi-Jihadi theorist Mustafa bin Abd al-Qadir Sethmariam Nasar (better known as Abu Musab al-Suri).

Jihadis regard the "Art of Recruitment" as a supplementary manual to al-Suri's book.

The recruitment phases of "The Art of Recruitment" are the very practiced brainwashing sequence used by cults worldwide.

We thank all those that e-mailed,
but it's making a new splash since NPR covered it.

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