Friday, March 27, 2009

IMINT - Mexico in Pictures

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton says,
"Our insatiable demand for illegal drugs fuels the drug trade",
and the "fighting does not pose a major threat to U.S. security".

Hillary blames all the problems on those big naughty guns,
being illegally smuggled across the border from the former United States.

As one of our Field Reporters in El Paso, Texas reported back on July 15th, 2008.
Almost all of the illegal underground weapons in circulation in their
Area-of-Operations (AO) are from small workshops in the Philippines.

Mexicans are thrifty (AKA cheap),
individuals and the standard Cartel henchman would not spend the money for a gun
illegally smuggled across the border from the former United States.,

Since the beginning of the year,
the bloody battle between rival drug cartels has killed more than 1000 people.
Most of the victims have been civilians.

So, come to the the Mexican heartland.
You’ll find plenty of natural surroundings,
picturesque towns full of dead bodies,
and beautiful colonial cities,
some of which have been declared war zones.

We now present Mexico in Pictures

Here we see a standard American pickup loaded with $2000 Ar-15's entering Mexico.
Just ignore those Mexican troops, we're sure they'll just wave him by.

Ah Mexico....
Such a lively nightlife!

This is Hector, our friendly neighborhood bar bouncer,
or as he likes to call it,
"distribuidor de muerte"

We would advise against drunk driving!

Penalties can be quite SEVERE!

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