Thursday, March 12, 2009

A Commentary by CTsurvivalist/CSA

A Commentary by CTsurvivalist/CSA

When I attend functions, I usually stay incognito.
I like my anonymity.
Sometimes though when I hear ignorance, I drop the veil of secrecy.

Today was one of those times.
I was introduced to a supposed knowledgeable individual in the Militia
community,who was anything but knowledgeable about survivalists.

His view of survivalists was the standard media created image,
of the camouflage-clad man, carrying an AK-47 and stockpiling freeze-dried food in an underground bunker,
waiting for the bombs to fall.

This is a very naive and ignorant view of the survivalist community.
It only took several minutes to prove my point.

By demonizing survivalists the mainstream media perpetuates the "evil survivalist" stereotype.
My first case in point was to bet this gentleman that the mainstream media would somehow associate survivalists,with Michael McLendon (the mentally defective Alabama gunman).
I pulled out my laptop and fired up a Google News search, and lo and behold:

I then offered him double or nothing that the Islamists had latched onto this story,
because they love any story that portrays survivalist as "gun totin rednecks from Alabama".
He accepted the bet, and guess what?


The biggest thing that must be stressed to people like this is,
news is manipulated to suit agendas.

What you watch or read is not the news.
It is patched together 1/2 truths (less in some cases),
to suit someone's agenda.

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