Thursday, March 5, 2009

Technology Doesn't Equal Preparedness

Several of us recently met with representatives of a group from a nearby state.
These individuals were friendly and knowledgeable enough,
but as in many cases they considered themselves prepared for any contingency.

After listening to them bragging about their latest technical acquisition,
I posed what I like to call the "Series of 5".

1. Can your Group/Unit communicate with Groups/Units in nearby states?
2. Are those communications secure?
3. Can those Groups/Units be called in for emergency assistance?
4. Could you coordinate an attack or defense?
5. Do you have plans in place to avoid "friendly fire" incidents?

It was at this point that they realized how truly unprepared their small unit was
in the implementation aspect.
You can have the latest and greatest technology,
but without effective planning, that technology is wasted.
If your Group/Unit has a Communications Officer,
make sure you have an operating procedure in place for communications with other Groups/Units,
and can coordinate efforts with them.

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